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For Efficient Bake-Sterilization of Labware

·Bake-sterilize labware including: glass beakers, funnels, pipettes and metal devices 
·Eliminates tears and pinholes that occur in foil wrap compromising sterility 
·Save time by eliminating cumbersome foil wrapping or unwrapping
·Provides full visibility of item inside Bake Bag to facilitate handling of sterile item
·High temperature nylon polymer withstands 4 hour bake sterilization at 204°C or overnight baking at 190°C
·Pipette canister liners sized to provide clean metal-free containment within traditional metal canisters
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(BBAG-*000) Bake-Bags
Price: Starting at $30.00
(BBAG-*000) Bake-Bags
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Mar/Apr 2018 Catalog