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For Oven & Autoclave Sterilization

·FDA-approved ultem® 1000 tray withstands high sustained temperatures up to 175°C
·Tray is impact resistant, flame resistant and chemically resistant including alcohols, detergents, bleach and solvents
·Lightweight for easier handling when hot than Pyrex or stainless steel
·10" x 6" inside footprint for holds a wide variety of lab utensils, pipettes, chemicals and other materials for sterilization, drying and incubation
·Dry-heat sterilization: 160°C for 2 hours or 170°C for 1 hour autoclave sterilization: 121°C for 20 minutes
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(TRAY-1000) Bake-Tray
Price: $65.00
(TRAY-1000) Bake-Tray
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Mar/Apr 2018 Catalog