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Flow Mesh

A Permeable Support Mesh for Gels and Membranes

    • Protects filters and gels from tearing, bending or folding
    • 1/3mm thick polypropylene mesh with 1mm strand spacings and approximately 70% void volume for rapid equilibration with liquids
    • Supports gels and filters during incubation with nucleic acid probes, antibody probes, equilibrium buffers, stain and destain solutions, etc.
    • Serves as permeable carrier and stacking spacer for one or more membranes and gels during incubations and other procedures
    • Improves the uniformity of hybridization and binding assays

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Flow Mesh, 20 sheets
Price: $47.00
Flow Mesh, 20 sheets
Flow-Mesh is made of polypropylene mesh approximately 1/3 mm thick with 1 mm strand spacings and approximately 70% void volume.
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