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Glow Writer

A Fine-Point Phosphorescent Marking Pen for Laboratory Autography*

Glow Writer is a phosphorescent marking pen for annotating or marking chemiluminescent and isotope-labeled substrates for X-ray film autography.  The unique marker delivers a phosphor-containing marking ink through a fine point porous nib.  Before exposure to X-ray film, the phosphorescent writing is excited by bright room light.  A phosphor ink having an optimum concentration of phosphor and a relatively short afterglow half-life (approx. 2-3 minutes) has been selected so that upon exposure to X-ray film, autographic exposures of almost any duration will be easily readable on the film.  The fine point nib is easily replaceable if it dries out.

*US Patent - 6,881,000

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Mar/Apr 2018 Catalog