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Imagine That

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A book written by Diversified Biotech owner Mark Fins!

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"Big-hearted, 8 year-old Mark Leonard lives on the brink of two worlds: one steeped in the hardship of post-World War II America, where his father is consumed by financial woes; the other where hes buoyed by his exceptionally vivid imagination. In his imagination, Mark is heroic soldier, a surgeon and a daredevil striving to live up to the ideals of the 1950s. When is family uproots from Queens, New York to start afresh in Massachusetts, Mark finds refuge from loneliness in an unlikely friendship with an eccentric, wealthy, elderly neighbor who has shut out the world following a debilitating accident. Their mutual gift for for conjuring up imaginary worlds to cope with realitywhich for Mark includes the confusing teachings of his Jewish faithleads them to push the boundaries between these two realms, exploring the fine line between love, imagination and the existence of God."
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