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Divbio offers a full line of laboratory labels for sample identification, barcoding and tracking. Our trusted brand is recognized worldwide as a dependable solution when labeling samples for cryogenic storage in liquid nitrogen, long term freezer storage as well as temporary or specialty labeling purposes. Whatever your needs may be, we can help! If you have a problem that needs a solution that isn't show below, call us!

Cryo-Babies® and Cryo-Tags®
From -196­­°C to 150­°C
Cryo-Tags for Automation
From -196°C to 80°C
Direct Thermal Cryo-Tags
-196­­°C to 70°C
Thermal Transfer Tough-Tags and Cryo-Tags
Cryo-Tags: -196­­°C to 80­°C Tough-Tags: -40­­°C to 150­°C
Rolls from -196­­°C to 80°C Sheets from -196­­°C to 150­°C
From -40­­°C to 121­°C
Wash-Off Labels
From 0­­°C to 21­°C
Xylene Resistant/Removable Tags
Exceptional Durability and Removability
Cryo-Clear Laser Labels
From -196­­°C to 70°C
Sheets from -80­­°C to 100­°C Rolls from -80­­°C to 70­°C
Specialty Labels & Tags
High Temp., Light Blocking, etc.
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