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          Solvent Resistant Pens feature an ultra-permanent ink (122 Black and 130 Red only)

           Resistant to xylene, alcohol, acetone and formalin

          Ideal for histology and cytology

          Ideal for use with our CryoTags and Tough-Tags.  Markings will not run on frosted/painted labware, even after repeated  washes and solution treatments.

          Remove markings with acetic acid, an ethanol/xylene mixture or paraffin.   Testing advised before use.  Results may vary based on surface.

Teeny Writers (TNY-TWIN, TNY-WTR)

Use for labeling samples stored at room temperature and not exposed to chemicals and/or caustic agents 

          Teeny Writers are perfect general use lab markers.

          The Twin-Tip Teeny Writer has a fine tip and an ultra fine tip

          The original TeenyWriter has an extra fine tip


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(APEN-*000) Archival Pen
Price: Starting at $4.00
(APEN-*000) Archival Pen
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