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Tissue Extraction Carriers

Tissue Extraction Carriers
For High Throughput Extraction

Introducing the first novel carrier developed specifically for bridging the gap between manual tissue extraction and automated functionality. These aluminum carriers allow researchers to load manually extracted tissue samples into automated liquid handling systems in their laboratories. Samples homogenized in tubes can be loaded into the carriers, centrifuged at the same time and loaded onto a liquid handling platform. Generate four times the number of samples by reducing processing time from a maximum of 24 hours (soaking tissue) down to 15 minutes. In addition, utilizing these automated systems essentially eliminates costly downtime due to human error.

AUTOMATE YOUR PROCESS- Researchers can now take advantage of automated liquid handling platforms

ELIMINATE HUMAN ERROR - Automated systems are not subject to fatigue and the associated errors repetition causes

MINIMIZE HANDLING - Once loaded, all samples can be centrifuged in one step and then loaded directly into an automated process

STAY COOL - Anodized aluminum carriers can be pre-chilled to cool samples during dispensing, increasing stability and preserving cells

UNIVERSAL- A standard SBS footprint ensures that carriers will fit essentially all platforms; each chamber weighs 520g


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Tissue Extraction Carriers
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Tissue Extraction Carriers
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